BizTalk tools available on GitHub


In some of the articles I wrote, I published part of the tools I and my team use in the integration projects developed with BizTalk Server.

These tools are available on CodePlex, but as many of you know, next December 15, CodePlex will be shut down, so we decided to make our work available on GitHub.


BizTalk Deployment Utility (BizTalkDiff)

BizTalk Deployment Utility is a simple tool allows you to compare two systems based on BizTalk Server and align environments by copying specific ports from a source system to a target system.

With this application you can check the existance of applications, receive ports, receive locations, send ports and send port groups, and decide to create specific objects on the target system. It is a kind of BizTalk Diff.



You can now find this tool at


BizTalk Password Manager

This little tool allows you to set BizTalk send ports and receive locations passwords. You can use it to create automated scripts during deployment operations.

It is just an example that currently manages the adapter FILE, FTP, SFTP, POP3 and WCF *. Of course you can access the source code in order to manage other kind of adapters.


You can now find this tool at


BizTalk Configuration Reports

BizTalk Configuration Reporting allows you to view and document the current configuration of BizTalk Server in terms of receive ports, send ports and orchestrations.

This tool consists of a database to be placed in the same database instance of BizTalkMgmtDb and a some reports to be installed in an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

The reports, being based on SSRS, display data in real time and allow export in different formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, Microsoft Excel, TIFF, etc.

This allow to have documentation always up to date.



You can now find this tool at


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