New version of BizTalk Deployment Utility (BizTalk Diff) is now available

Some weeks ago, I published the first version of a tool that can help you during the deployment activities.

You can find this tool at address.

These days I have made available an updated version with the following features:


·          BizTalk environments comparison;

·          You can copy specific objects between environments such as send ports, send port groups, receive ports and receive locations;

·          It is possible to view all the ports in which are configured explicit credentials.


When you starts the application, the welcome form appears.




Once closed, you access the main form.




You have to specify the connection string to the BizTalk databases and start information collection.




Now you are able to navigate all the BizTalk objects.




From the left panel you can select a specific object and choose one of available features.






When you choose to compare the environments, the application highlights the difference between the BizTalk systems in terms of existence of objects.

It is also possible to compare specified attributes of objects that exist on both systems.




Once the comparison is complete, the tool highlights the differences.




Attribute Details

You can also view the main attributes of several kind of objects.



You can view the attribute value more in detail by double click the grid cell. This is much useful if you have values containing xml data




It is possible to view the list of send ports and receive locations in which are specified explicit credentials





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