Troubleshooting SAP connectivity

I often develop integration flows that interact with SAP and sometimes I happen to have connectivity problems for many different reasons.

Every time, I start from scratch to make troubleshooting so I decided to write a memo that I hope will be useful to others too.


·          First of all, try to restart the receiving host. Sometimes occurs that some configuration change and the BizTalk host need to be restarted.


·          To isolate possible problems related to wrong schema, configure a receive location with passthru pipeline and create a send port that subscribes that port. Shutdown any other port or orchestration that subscribe the same receive port.


·          Unicode vs non-Unicode. Make sure that the SAP system is aligned with the versions of the DLLs of the SAP client you are using.

There are in fact a version of Unicode and non-Unicode one of the following DLLs:


·          icudt34.dll

·          icuin34.dll

·          icuuc34.dll

·          librfc32.dll

·          librfc32u.dll

·          librfc32u.lib

·          libsapu16vc80.dll

·          libsapu16vc90.dll

·          libsapucum.dll

·          libsapucum.lib

·          mfc71.dll

·          mfc71u.dll

·          msvcp71.dll

·          msvcr71.dll

·          saprfc32.lib


On SAP side, check the RFC destination configuration:




·          If the problem is not resolved, you must enable the detailed log on the WCF layer. For more details refer to the following site


Additional resources



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