BizTalk, RabbitMQ and JSON

In recent weeks, I happened to integrate RabbitMQ with BizTalk Server 2013. Great, I thought, there is a magnificent TechNet article that explains how to do it.

Too bad that I had to communicate using Json.

Anyway, Eventually I succeeded, but with some customization that I want to share.

The step to follow are four:


1.     Follow the article to configure all the components

2.     Customize RabbitMQ .Net Client

3.     Follow the article to Implement a custom pipeline component to receive e send Json messages

4.     Configure the send and receive ports


To customize RabbitMQ .Net Client


Open the solution and modify “rabbitmq-dotnet-client-3.2.1\projects\wcf\RabbitMQ.ServiceModel\src\serviceModel\RabbitMQInputChannel.cs” file.

In particular, find the “Receive” method and change the following highlighted line of code:




With the following:



var ms = new MemoryStream(msg.Body);

var bodyString = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(ms.ToArray());




bodyString = String.Concat(@”<s:Envelope xmlns:s=”””&#8221; xmlns:a=””””><s:Header><a:MessageID>urn:&#8221;, Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), “</a:MessageID></s:Header><s:Body>”, System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(bodyString), “</s:Body></s:Envelope>”);




ms = new MemoryStream(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(bodyString));


Message result = m_encoder.ReadMessage(ms, (int)m_bindingElement.MaxReceivedMessageSize);



Then, find the “Open” method and change the following highlighted line of code:




With the following:



string[] uriParser = base.LocalAddress.Uri.PathAndQuery.Split(“/”.ToCharArray());


// Create a queue for messages destined to this service, bind it to the service URI routing key

string queue = m_model.QueueDeclare(uriParser[uriParser.Length – 1], true, false, false, null);



To configure the send port and receive location


Following screenshots of the configuration to be applied to the ports.


Send Port:








Receive Location:









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